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  • Video Marketing                                 Super Cool Thing #1
  • Social Media Posting                         Amazing Thing #2
  • Email List                                               Your biggest  Asset 
  • Google My Business                            A must Have
Show up whenever customers are looking for you online - on their computers or mobile devices.                            YouTube is a top source for advertising and marketing your business if you are not using it you are loosing customers.
                                 There is no better way to connect with your email list and existing customers than through a personalized custom video.                                      Your potential customers will be sold on your business once they receive a video about your service and products tailored specifically to them and their location.
Face Book social engagement is not going to go away. You must have a business Face Book page            or fan page.                                        We can teach you the proper way to set it up and show you all the ins and outs of what not to do. There are many ways to use Face Book for advertising your business, many at no cost to you.                               
Your Email list is your business.  This is the one asset you continually build on that no social media site or other company can ever take from you.                                                   Every advertising or marketing plan or campaign you create must capture anyone who clicks on your information.  If it doesn't you are leaving money on the table.
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teaching all of the above services necessary to have a successful Business presence online.  This will be designed with 
Small Business owners in mind as a Private educational 
training site and a forum for Businesses to share.
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